•    Kangla: It is the shrine of the Ethnic Meitei Group of Manipur. Historically Kangla is the administrative centre and its legacy is preserved in the form of monuments and ancient buildings.

•    Manipur State Museum: The Museum is located just beside the Imphal polo Ground. Interesting artifacts and relics of the rich customs, traditions and cultural heritage are fabulously displayed in this centre.

•    Shri Govindajee Temple: The epicenter of a particular sect of Hinduism in the state is located in this temple. The Holy place of Vaishnavaite Hindus was once the Royal palace of the Maharajas of Manipur.

•    War Cemetery: There are two war cemeteries paying rich tributes to the Heroes who fought the Great World War II (1939 – 1945). They are International and national (Indian) war cemetery.

•    Paona Bazar & Ima Keithel: It is a typical Indian bazaar with shops on either side of the road. Shoes,sneakers,floaters,flip-flops,shirts,trousers,jackets,jumpers,coats,suits,household items, stationary and chemist shops etc., are found here. Interestingly Indian goods dominate the first stretch of the road and Chinese goods are sold in the second half of the market area.Ima Keithel is run by a group of Mothers (Imas). The market is specialized in unique handlooms and handicrafts. Traditionally, most of the products in the cottage industry, operated by woman are sold in this market. Ima Keithel has become an Icon in the age Old local economy of Imphal.

The picturesque town of Ukhrul is situated about 4 hours’ drive from Imphal. The journey itself takes you through the varied landscape with a lot of greenery all along the varied landscape with a lot of greenery all along the way. Those seeking adventure can embark on 3 hours trekking to Shirvi peak. You can explore the natural surroundings in pristine form and perhaps try your luck to see if you can spot and admire the famous Siroy Lily.

•    ISKCON Temple: The temple of the International Society for Krishna consciousness draws a sizeable number of Tourism. The visitors throng the temple to offer their prayers to their deity.

•    Loukoipat and Japanese war Memorial: Every year a number of Japanese Tourist arrive to commemorate the war heroes of World War Il. for them it is a journey back in time. It is an important place to know more about the soldiers who left their country to fight in the Great War.

•    Sendra: It is an Island hillock which can be approached by local boats. Sendra hill provide a vantage point to have a fantastic view of the surrounding Ecosystem of the Loktak Lake.

•    Moirang: The land of legends Khamba and Thoibi is the heart of Ethnic Meitei culture. This place gained further historic significance when Indian National army (INA) set up its base. In fact INA hoisted its flag in Indian soil on 14th April 1944 for the first time.

•    Loktak Lake: To promote tourism, the largest fresh water lake in North East India is now closely associated with the major tourist attractions of Manipur. As it has achieved the status of an Icon for places to be visited in Manipur, Loktak is attracting people not only from other states of India but from across the world as well.

Moreh is the most important border town situated about 110 km from Imphal. There is a flourishing market in this town owing to the trading relation between India and Myanmar that has continued for ages.There is a tremendous scope for improving trade amongst these two nations. Visitors are allowed to enter Myanmar for stipulated hours. The town offers the best of both these cultures (i.e. India & Myanmar).


Another tourist spot is found in the outskirts of Imphal city about 26km in Andro. It is a museum in the form of the cultural heritage complex in the foothills of Nongmaiching Hills. Every day the place attract a lot of visitors. Observe first hand the different tribes in their hearth and home.

A trip to the capital of our neighbouring state Kohima, which is 135 km from Imphal, can be arranged from The Classic Tours & Travels. Nagaland is predominantly a Christian state. The journey will take you to Kisama’s Naga Heritage village (displaying the houses owned by the different Naga Tribes) and probably to the Hornbill festival (if you plan your trip during the festive season i.e., first week of December) and you can even be a part of the local Christmas celebration